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Welcome to JDCRP research data.

JDCRP research data

Here is a platform to further explore the Adolph Schloss collection research data. The Schloss collection, plundered by Nazis in 1943 is the pilot for the JDCRP data base on plundered cultural objects in Europe.

JDCRP research data are stored as linked open data, tracing the provenance and the fate of the Adolphe Schloss collection. Data items form a knowledge graph or a web of linked items.

If you prefer a more easy to use version of our research data use the pilot project website:

Pilot: The Fate of the Adolphe Schloss Collection

To learn mor about JDCRP Foundation please visit our website: jdcrp.org

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Items and their relationships can be queried. You will find ample examples to build on below.

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