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Persons in this Wikibase

Schloss family members

All events Erhard Göpel has been involved in

all data items Bruno Lohse is connected to as an object

Attributions to artists

attributions of Q4519, An Old Scholar, painting by Salomon Koninck


Location items have geocodes added in order to allow display on maps.

All exhibition places, map view

Location information in CCP cards, map view


Inventory documents

Paintings inventoried in Lefranc / Catroux inventory

B323/1212 German inventory and related paintings

Property cards and related paintings

People mentioned together with Bruno Lohse in documents


Transfers of paintings or groups of paintings

All (non provenance) events (timeline events) displayed on a timeline

All events with subtype history of Schloss collection on a timeline

Schloss paintings mentioned in different European collections, chronological list

All provenance events related to the painting "Portrait of a gentleman" by Judith Leyster


A list of paintings from the Schloss collection

Which paintings have been restituted and when?

Which paintings have been part of sales and when?

Schloss paintings in exhibitions, chronological list

Which paintings have been displayed in the exhibition "Oude portretten" in 1903?