Hermann Voss

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Between 1912 and 1943, Hermann Voss, a trained art historian, worked at various German museums. After Hans Posse died in late 1942, Voss took his place as director of the Staatliche KunstsammlungenDresden and as head of the Sonderauftrag Linz . Hermann Voss always kept his distance from the Schloss affair. However, on one occasion, Hitler blamed Voss for allowing the Louvre to select the best pictures from the Schloss Collection. Voss continued to serve as director of the Dresden museum after 1945. At war’s end, Voss boasted that he had acquired around 3,000 paintings for the Sonderauftrag Linz for more than 150 million Reichsmark. American interrogators, drawn from the ranks of art historians and museum professionals, reported Voss delivered useful information for their investigations. Literature: Kathrin Iselt, “Sonderbeauftragter des Führers”. Der Kunsthistoriker und Museumsmann Hermann Voss (1884-1969), Böhlau 2010. M1782- OSS Art Looting Investigation Unit Reports, 1945-46, ALIU Detailed Interrogation Report (DIR), No. 12: Hermann Voss (15 September 1945) [Online at: https://www.fold3.com/image/231997039] https://www.openartdata.org/2018/12/hermann-voss.html