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What kind of research data do I find here?

This is a Wiki which stores:

  • Structured data as Wikibase data items
  • Text information on data items as Wiki pages
  • Images like photo documentation of painting or scanned archival documents related to these items

How can I navigate between these different content types?

If there is additional text information related to a data item, you will find the link to the related page at the bottom of the data item under "wikibase-sitelinks".

Vice versa you find the link "jdcrp-wikibase item" in the left sidebar next to a page, to switch to the related data item.

How can I search for information?

You can either use the full text entry box on the upper right to search in label and description fields.

Use the Wikibase Query service to do SPARQL queries and make full use of the possibilities of linked open data.

Use our Sample Queries to explore further how to build on queries.